Estd. By Govt. of Rajasthan, Approved by UGC under Section 2(f)

  • Message from Vice-Chancellor

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    You, the young generation are the nation's wealth. You must have a desire to study in a strong, prosperous and great institution.
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    Knowledge is acquired through education, information, intelligence and experience. It is available in academic institutions, with teachers, in libraries, in research papers, seminar proceedings and in workplaces. The Jaipur National University is a combination of all these. JNU brings new thoughts and new thoughts lead to innovative actions. You should ignite your dormant, inner energy by studying at JNU and let the University guide your lives. JNU is a premier, dynamic, vibrant professional and technical institution. The ambience of the University will be to your personal liking. The University challenges you to dream big, to aim for the stars and to put your heart into whatever you do. A lot of students take off for foreign shores too for higher studies or to work.

    JNU is lovable and liveable. There is something about the JNU environment which many other institutions cannot match. There is no charm greater than studying at an institution with a pulsating heterogeneous crowd.

    We have made a conscious effort to focus singularly on our areas of strength, which is quality affordable education for students of every strata of society.

    We welcome you to Jaipur National University and wish that at JNU you will learn, evolve, achieve and realize your true potential.

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    Professor H.N. Verma
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