Dr. Sandeep Bakshi


"The capacity to learn is a gift; To ability to learn is a skill; The willingness to learn is a choice."

Bria Herbert

Welcome to a world of possibilities and amazing choices for you. At Jaipur National University, we constantly strive to generate new knowledge and equip our learners with life skills so that they are ready to meet the global challenges of resurgent India. Committed to excellence in education, the University today has 16 Schools of study and research, one of them being the School of Distance Education & Learning whose mandate is to help realize the higher education aspirations of those motivated young men and women who, for one or the other reason, could not attend full time, campus based classes. Distance Education provides them opportunities to pursue their dreams to enhance their qualifications without disrupting their normal day to day schedule of working & caring. Students may actually find that they gain useful, transferable skills, such as planning and research. The Schools of Distance Education & Learning offers a variety of courses - MCA, MA (English), M.Sc. (Mathematics), BCA, BBA, BA, B.Com, B.Sc.(PCM/CBZ) and MBA (with a number of specializations). The Self-Instructional material anywhere & any time of your convenience. It is learning at your own place and speed, liberated from the structures of Institutional Learning. You can have the learning process thrashed out according to your convenience, as the mode is flexible and involves little or no fixed schedule. Also distance learning isn't just about career progression. It can also be used to deepen your knowledge of a favourite subject or simply for the pure enjoyment of learning.