• To help students to get professional education through distance learning so that he/ she can take a step towards the corporate world
  • Expansion of understanding related to various streams of Mathematics
  • To develop Mathematical skills and concept skills leading to self development
  • Exploring prospects for higher education in the field of Mathematics

Eligibility:- Passed Bachelor Degree in Mathematics discipline / Engineering Degree or equivalent Degree from a UGC recognised university. The student has to attach self attested photo copies of all marks sheets/degrees along with Aadhar card copy and passport size photograph.




Min 2 yrs and Max 4 yrs.

Programe Structure

Sr. No. Paper Code Paper Title Credits
1. MSC-101 Calculus of variation and special functions 5
2. MSC-102 Differential Equation 5
3. MSC-103 Real Analysis 5
4. MSC-104 Industrial Mathematics 5
5. MSC-105 C Programming (Theory) 5
6. MSC-106 C'  Programming  (Practical) 5
Sr. No. Paper Code Paper Title Credits
1. MSC-201 Numerical and Statistical Techniques 5
2. MSC-202 Abstract Algebra 5
3. MSC-203 Mathematical Programming 5
4. MSC-204 Continuum mechanics 5
5. MSC-205 Computer Application (Theory) 5
6. MSC-206 Computer Application (Practical) 5
Sr. No.

Paper Code

Paper Title


1. MSC-301 Linear Algebra 5
2. MSC-302 Combinatorics  and Graph Theory 5
3. MSC-303 Integral Transforms 5
4. MSC-304 Differential Geometry  5
5. MSC-305 Advance differential equations 5
6. MSC-306 Viscous Fluid Dynamics 5
Sr. No. Paper Code Paper Title Credits
1. MSC-401 Functional Analysis 5
2. MSC-402 Integral Equations 5
3. MSC-403 Complex Analysis 5
4. MSC-404 Topology and Measure Theory 5
5. MSC-405 Number Theory 5
6. MSC-406 Hydrodynamics 5

Examination and Evaluation Pattern:

Internal Assignment

The Internal assignment component will have a weightage of 30% marks. Two assignments will be given in each course. The internal assignments are to be submitted to the University before the Term-End-Examination. Download your Internet Assignment question papers from the ERP Login /website. Marks Obtained in assignments shall be shown separately in the Marks Sheet.


There shall be a Term-End-Examination at the end of the semester. It carries a weightage of 70% marks. Term-End-Examination will be scheduled in the months of June and December every semester. The students are at liberty to appear at any of the examinations conducted by the university during the semester subject to the completion of the minimum period prescribed for the chosen programme, It is presumed that a student taking admission is appearing in all the courses/papers of the programme of the study. For appearing in the examination of due papers a student has to submit Back Examination Form (available in the prospectus/website) along with the requisite examination fee (₹ 2000/-) before the due date. If a student does not appear at any Term-End-Examination, he/she may appear in the subsequent Term-End-Examinations subject to a maximum of the credit ceiling prescribed by the University for the Examination. The facility will be available to a student to secure the minimum pass grade during the maximum duration prescribed for the programme. To pass it is mandatory for a student to secure minimum of 30% marks In the Internal Assignment and Term-End-Examination separately. To clear a course as well as a programme, as a whole a, student is required to secure 35% marks.

I Division 60% and above
II Division 48% and above but less than 60%
Pass 35% and above but less than 48%

Self Learning Material