Professor H.N. Verma


Based on the efforts of the Seedling Group of Institutions, for imparting quality professional and technical education, the Jaipur National University was established by the Government of Rajasthan in October, 2007. The University has achieved excellence and high standards of professional education, and offers programmes of study and research at Bachelor, Master and Doctoral levels. A high academic reputation, competent faculty, excellent infrastructure, and panoramic surroundings, make Jaipur National University an ideal place for study. Whatever programme you join, you experience would be unique. If you are looking for a platform to develop and attain multifaceted skill-sets, in-depth knowledge, and realization of your dream, then Jaipur National University is the ideal destination for you. The University offers comprehensive and well-integrated facilities, which would pava a way for a well-rounded personality of a student. Social and cultural events and activities held at the Campus encourage harmonious interaction among the students. We have an outstanding faculty and excellent supporting staff. Some of our faculty members are recognized nationally and internationally, based on their published works, and the honours, which they have received in recognition of their scholarship. As a student you will have invaluable resources to your advantage at, Jaipur National University. We strive to provide you quality education that will lead to successful career for you. Our caring and experienced faculty and staff will guide you for your academic and personal development and progress. Hope our educational Journey at JNU will prove a mile stone in shaping your future. I wish you great success.