Dr. (Mrs.) Preeti Bakshi

(Executive Director )

Distance education is a powerful and growing force in education at university level, in a wide variety of subjects. In distance education the student is remote from the campus, and is educated though a mixture of media, the specially prepared printed text being central. Depending on resources, a wide variety of other media can be used, notably TV, video, and the personal computer, all of which can shared by number of students. Distance education is one of the most preferred medium of education today, This is because many working professionals and students either do not have time to go to a traditional college or university to attend the classes or do not have enough money to spend on a course. The growing popularity of distance education has brought many changes in it. There has been a lot of development in the way of its presentation and its access. Distance learning enables students from many walks of life to attend premier institution. A critically ill student, for example, might attend his classes from his hospital bed, while a student with severe might be less intimidated by distance courses. For students with physical disabilities, distance learning means can avoid navigating to college campus.